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SPC Flooring

SPC flooring structure diagram

Brief introduction

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) is a hard core vinyl flooring, also known as RVP flooring, is currently one of the most popular flooring products, the main components of SPC flooring consists of nano stone powder and polyvinyl chloride resin, made by hot fusion composite.

Very stable, with the advantages of environmental protection, wear-resistant, waterproof, non-deformation, etc., is the new direction of the flooring industry.

SPC Flooring Features

The SPC floor is made of stone powder and polyvinyl chloride thermal fusion. The surface is laminated with a decorative layer and a wear-resistant layer. The structure is compact and has excellent waterproof performance. It can be used in wet environments such as bathrooms. The product is made of new materials. No adhesives and volatile additives are used in the production process. It is green and environmentally friendly, and can be used in places with high air environment requirements such as hospitals and schools.

The bottom of the SPC flooring has an IXPE filling layer, which is more comfortable on the feet and has excellent sound absorption. SPC flooring adopts a dense structure formed by high-purity polyethylene resin and high-pressure hot-melt stone powder, giving it non-deformation, non-cracking, fire resistance and insect resistance.

The SPC flooring adopts a snap system, which can be easily installed on different types of floor bases, which is easy to install and suitable for DIY installation. The installation process does not require the use of adhesives, avoiding the introduction of volatile harmful substances into the adhesives. It can be used after installation, easy to disassemble, and easy to replace later.

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VSPC Flooring

Brief introduction

Veneer SPC Vinyl Flooring is the abbreviation for solid wood composite vinyl flooring. The core is made of a stable, rigid core stone. The stability is higher than that of the wood core layer.

It has superior moisture and fire resistance. It is superior to other solid wood or solid wood multi-layer flooring. Solid wood is comfortable and flexible. It has good sound insulation and vibration damping. It has good thermal insulation performance, no cracking, no deformation, anti-mite, anti-aging, it is an upgraded product of solid wood or multi-layer flooring, good thermal stability, and is an environmentally friendly product.

VSPC flooring structure diagram
Dishoverflooring SPC flooring A new type of floor that is easy to install

VSPC Flooring Advantages

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Because SPC Flooring is produced by thermal fusion, it has the characteristics of surpassing hardwood floors. In terms of appearance and durability, SPC Flooring can show great commercial value and can be used in many different occasions. It is the current floor The industry's first choice.

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