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Dishoverflooring WPC decking flooring decorated forest courtyard

Brief Introduction

DISHOVER has a complete set of WPC product solutions, including WPC Fence, WPC Decking Flooring, WPC Wall Cladding. A complete set of products can ensure consistent quality and appea-rance, facilitate the unification of accessories, and facilitate installation.

WPC products are made of high-density polye-thylene and solid wood fibers, which have better stability and strength than wood. Not easy to break and bend, suitable for outdoor projects such as balconies, gardens, swimming pools, shopping malls, cafes, etc.

WPC product is a very environmentally friendly building material, easy to clean and low mainte-nance cost. It has the advantages of waterproof, moth-proof, moisture-proof, heat preservation, fire prevention, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal substitute for solid wood materials.

Advantages and Features

Thanks to many years of production experience, Dishover’s WPC products have the following advantages.

WPC fences are free of warping, rot and debris and provide decades of durable and stylish fencing that provides style and security for your outdoor spaces.

Our composite fencing lasts more than twi-ce as long as wood fencing and will not fade over time due to its excellent sun resistance.

WPC Wall Cladding can withstand sun, rain, and wind without showing signs of damage. We have WPC Wall Cladding in several colours and finishes to suit many styles.

With their authentic appearance, WPC cladding panels will add ins-tant charm to any room or outdoor space, and suit being used for commercial offices, homes, retail, or gardens.

Our timber effect cladding will give your customers the wood-panelled look they’re going for, but without harming the environment.

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