What is WPC flooring and which one should you choose vs SPC?

What is WPC flooring and which one should you choose vs. SPC?

WPC flooring is an excellent product, although expensive. What are its characteristics, what makes it expensive and how should you choose between WPC flooring and SPC flooring, follow us and I will let you know.

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What is WPC flooring?

Generally, we understand SPC flooring as hardcore flooring, because the core layer of SPC flooring is made of stone powder and PVC polymer. The higher the stone powder content, the closer the performance to stone tile, and the higher the PVC polymer content, the closer the performance to vinyl plank, so manufacturer had to do was find the best ratio to make the floor strong and durable but with the feel of hardwood flooring.

WPC flooring was created to suit this need. In order to obtain a comfortable feeling underfoot, the stone powder content was reduced and initially wood fibre powder was used instead of stone powder to obtain a look and feel close to that of hardwood flooring.

However, the incorporation of wood fibre powder has made it impossible to recycle WPC flooring and now WPC flooring has been replaced with vinyl resin to ensure that WPC flooring also has the performance and comfort of SPC flooring.

Manufacturers have made WPC flooring thicker, with those on the market thicker than 10mm. a vinyl base layer has been added to the core layer in order to enhance the comfort of the floor,, which is the main reason why WPC flooring is so expensive, with ordinary stone powder costing far less than vinyl resin. Also due to the high vinyl content and the close proximity between each layer, WPC flooring can pass more stringent performance tests without Cupping, curling, dimensional.
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Of course there are additives added during the production of WPC flooring. This is important for the performance of the flooring.

On the internet you can find another type of WPC flooring, the same as WPC but with completely different characteristics and uses, we prefer to call them decorative flooring, they are divided into WPC fence, WPC decking flooring, WPC wall cladding, mostly used for outdoor garden and patio decoration. This is not the subject of our discussion today.
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Cons and Pros of WPC Flooring.

100% waterproof.
This is one of the advantages that all luxury vinyl flooring has to offer.

One of the fundamental characteristics of luxury vinyl flooring. Perfect for hospitals and rooms with babies in the home.

Thicker wear layer.
WPC flooring can be fitted with a thicker wear layer, up to 20mil thick, which ensures that the flooring can be used in commercial and high traffic environments for long periods of time without damage, but this will cost more.

Can be used in more complex environments.
Dishover’s flooring has been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 100°C for 10 minutes without deformation.

Realistic wood and stone looks.
Thanks to the high-definition printed decorative layer and the simulated wood and stone grain design, WPC can imitate realistic wood and stone effects.

Comfortable footing.
Excellent resilience and a feel comparable to that of wooden floors. Has a very good sound absorption effect.

Suitable for imperfect subfloor installations.
As WPC flooring is thick enough to conceal minor imperfections in the original floor, there is no need to invest in the treatment of the sub-floor.

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WPC flooring is so perfect that it is almost impossible to find a con, perhaps price is the only one, high-quality WPC flooring costs almost the same as hardwood flooring. This makes it a narrow market, as customers have many options at the same price level.

WPC and SPC Flooring – which one should you choose?

WPC flooring is the best vinyl flooring available. It can be used in any setting in the home if your wallet allows. Of course the most expensive must be the best, but not necessarily the most suitable. If your home has a smooth standard base floor, you can install SPC flooring with a bedding layer which will also provide a great footing experience. If the floor is not standard enough, WPC flooring is a better option.
If you are a pet lover, we recommend installing WPC flooring in your living room, walkway or pet room, but we hope you will use it for a long time because WPC flooring is very durable.
For appartments or rented rooms, SPC flooring or vinyl flooring would be a better choice.

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If you have any questions, Dishover flooring will be happy to answer them.


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