VSPC Flooring

VSPC Flooring 727

Model No.: DF-VS-727

VSPC floor has the characteristics of SPC floor at the same time, but also has the texture of hardwood floor, realistic wood texture, natural color and excellent beauty.


Model Number:         DF-VS-727

Size:                       5”x48” /  6.5”x48”  / 7.5”x48”

Total Thickness:         5.0mm- 6.0mm

Veneer Thickness:      0.6mm/1.2mm

Wear layer:              0.1mm- 0.7mm

Core:                      Veneer + Rigid Core

Padding:                 1.0mm / 1.5mm IXPE

Bevel:                     Square Edge / Mirco Bevel / Painted Bevel

Installation:              Uniclic system

Embossing:               BP / BP2

Surface Treatment:     Matt , Semi Matt , Glossy , Mirror

Warranty Lifetime:     Residentital / Limited Commercial

Protect:                  Stain & Scratch Resistance

Bevel:                     Mirco Bevel / Painted Bevel

Product description & Technical details

Formaldehyde Emission(In air) EN 14041:2004 Pass – ≤0.08mg/m³
ASTM D6007-14 ND – Not Detected
Phthalates Content EN 14372: 2004 ND – Not Detected
Migration of certain elements EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 ND – Not Detected
Floor Score Indoor Air Quality Pass – 3.69ug/m2-h
SCS-FS-06767 Pass – 2.69ug/m2-h
Pass – 178.6ug/m2-h


Dimensional Stability Transverse  – 80℃ Pass – 0.01%
Longitudinal – 80℃ Pass – 0.04%
Curling Pass – 0.01mm
Residual Indentation ASTM F1914 Pass – Avg ≤ 1.0%,Max 1.2%
Peel Resistance EN ISO 24345:2012 Pass – 145N/5cm
Impact Insulation Class (IIC ) ASTM E492-09 / ASTM E989-06 57dB
Sound Transmission Class (STC) ASTM E90-09 / ASTM E413-16 51dB
Reaction To Fire EN 13501-1:2007 Bfl-s1
Critical Flux EN ISO 9239-1 ≥ 11.1kW/m²
Smoke 139.1%×minutes
Abrasion Resistance EN660-2:1999 & EN649:2011 1.4mm³/100 Revolutions
Wear Group T
Castor Chair Test EN 425:2002 Pass – No Damage
Locking Strength Unclick System Pass – 262 & 269 N/5cm
Scratch Performance Pass – 2800g
Resistance To Chemicals ASTM F925-13 Pass – Not Affected
Thermal Conductivity EN 12667:2001 Pass – 0.122 W/(m·K)
Water Tightness EN 13553:2017 Pass – No Sign
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction EN 13893:2002 Pass – Class DS


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VSPC Flooring 727

Model No.: DF-VS-727