SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring 509

Model No.: DF-SW-509

The SPC series floors produced by Dishover are made of environmentally friendly materials, formaldehyde-free, REACH certified, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, moth-proof, non-toxic, odor-free, and pollution-free after installation.


Model Number:      DF-SW-509

Size:                   7”x48”  /  9”x48” /   9”x60”

Total Thickness:      3.5mm- 6.5mm

Wear layer:           0.1mm- 0.7mm

Finish:                 Antique Wood Texture

Padding:               1.0mm / 1.5mm IXPE

Bevel:                  Square Edge / Mirco Bevel / Painted Bevel

Installation:           Uniclic system

Embossing:            BP / BP2

Surface Treatment:   Matt , Semi Matt , Glossy , Mirror

Warranty Lifetime:   Residentital / Limited Commercial

Protect:                Stain & Scratch Resistance

Bevel:                  Mirco Bevel / Painted Bevel

Product description & Technical details

Formaldehyde Emission(In air) EN 14041:2004 Pass – ≤0.08mg/m³
ASTM D6007-14 ND – Not Detected
Phthalates Content EN 14372: 2004 ND – Not Detected
Migration of certain elements EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 ND – Not Detected
Floor Score Indoor Air Quality Pass – 3.69ug/m2-h
SCS-FS-06767 Pass – 2.69ug/m2-h
Pass – 178.6ug/m2-h


Dimensional Stability Transverse  – 80℃ Pass – 0.01%
Longitudinal – 80℃ Pass – 0.04%
Curling Pass – 0.01mm
Residual Indentation ASTM F1914 Pass – Avg ≤ 1.0%,Max 1.2%
Peel Resistance EN ISO 24345:2012 Pass – 145N/5cm
Impact Insulation Class (IIC ) ASTM E492-09 / ASTM E989-06 57dB
Sound Transmission Class (STC) ASTM E90-09 / ASTM E413-16 51dB
Reaction To Fire EN 13501-1:2007 Bfl-s1
Critical Flux EN ISO 9239-1 ≥ 11.1kW/m²
Smoke 139.1%×minutes
Abrasion Resistance EN660-2:1999 & EN649:2011 1.4mm³/100 Revolutions
Wear Group T
Castor Chair Test EN 425:2002 Pass – No Damage
Locking Strength Unclick System Pass – 262 & 269 N/5cm
Scratch Performance Pass – 2800g
Resistance To Chemicals ASTM F925-13 Pass – Not Affected
Thermal Conductivity EN 12667:2001 Pass – 0.122 W/(m·K)
Water Tightness EN 13553:2017 Pass – No Sign
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction EN 13893:2002 Pass – Class DS


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SPC Flooring 509

Model No.: DF-SW-509

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